ECU CONNECT (formerly Starfish) an early alert and connection tool used by ECU to support student academic success. Starfish enables instructors to give praise or raise concerns regarding your academic performance within a course. Called “kudos” and “flags”, these notifications are sent to your ECU email account and copied to your advisor.

ECU CONNECT notifications will be sent to your ECU e-mail account and can be viewed on your ECU CONNECT page.

If you receive a academic difficulty notification, please take action!

  • Meet with your instructor
  • Speak with your academic advisor
  • Utilize tutoring or other support services
  • Improve your study habits
  • Attend ALL classes

Please note that NOT all instructors will be using ECU CONNECT. You may have several instructors who do NOT raise flags/kudos. Not receiving a ECU CONNECT notification does NOT indicate good/poor academic performance. You should always speak with your instructor if you are unsure of your academic status in the course.

You can login to ECU CONNECT through (search for ECU CONNECT) or

Other ECU CONNECT features include:

Student Profile – Your ECU 1 Card photo should have been added to your profile. You can change this photo or add a photo if no photo appears. Please add a phone number to your profile. You can edit your profile by following these steps:

  1. Login into ECU CONNECT
  2. Select the menu in the top-left corner
  3. Select your name and then profile

Request Help – If you have a question or concern but don’t know what services are available or who to talk to, submit a request help message through ECU CONNECT.

Appointments – You may have the ability to schedule an appointment with your advisor or faculty member through ECU CONNECT. Please check with your advisor or faculty member to see if they use ECU CONNECT for this process.

My Success Network – A listing of various support services on campus and contact information.

For more information, please see guide below:

Dashboard and Messages (VIDEO)